Friday, February 17, 2012

Paper Bag Albums

Two ways to make these albums.  The first is with the middle pages shorter as seen above.
Need 6 lunch sacks

3 Cardstock strips 1 ½ inch x 5 ½ inches
Scrap paper
Fold the long part of the bag behind the bag bottom keeping the edges even

Repeat with remaining 5 bags
Glue Bottoms to Bottoms (Make sure you really get the edges to stick)
Using the cardstock strips (1 ½ inch x 5 ½ inches(width of bag) fold each strip in half (hotdog fold)
Attach each strip to the Side B
Make Binding:

Using a piece of Cardstock cut 4 inches x (Width of bag) 5 ½ inches
Fold 1 ½ inches from each end (This gives a 1 inch binding)
Cover Front and back cover with paper then attach the binding
Decorate Each page as you’d like!

Both can be made as follows
Go to the following blog for fantastic picture by picture directions

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